clarification of Qtopia Vs. GTK

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Fri May 23 23:00:30 CEST 2008

Am 23.05.2008 um 20:49 schrieb Lorn Potter:
>> If anyone is in the position to change that, it's we.
>> I don't like so sound to negative. I like most of the changes.
>> But i think throwing the gtk apps away and replace them by the QTopia
>> apps is stupid.
>> I would rather like to see a transition to EFL for the gtk apps.
>> Everything i have seen so far from qtopia apps looks bland and  
>> boring.
> Qtopia is easily changed/hacked on. The source code is provided for  
> free. You
> would be amazed at what some of Qtopia's customers are doing with  
> it. It's
> got styles/theming, has dynamic layouting, and easy translating even  
> for LTR
> languages.
I like  to get surprised... :)
>> I like the qtopia plattform, as a plattform. But i don't think it's  
>> the
>> way to build the nerdiest phone ever. Especially after so much was  
>> done
>> right before in a completely different way.
>> Qtopia AFAIK has it's own pim storage api. How would non-qt apps  
>> use them?
> Qtopia pim data are stored in a sqlite database. It is not a secret,  
> nor is it
> proprietary or locked down. So your application has a choice whether  
> to use
> some library that can access sqlite (Qtopia has that of course), or  
> use the
> commandline interface to sqlite.

Well, that is a long time after embedded evolution data server was  
declared the way to go on openmoko.
And just my 2 Eurocents. I think this was a good decision.
>> And the gsm stuff? Does this mean we now use the qtpia gsm stack?
>> letting gsmd die would probably one of the better ideas. But i rather
>> like so see it replaced by something similar but working instead of a
>> set of qt apis.
> What is wrong with Qtopia's gsm stack? For the most part, it works.  
> It doesn't
> crash, and can send and receive sms messages. and best of all, it's  
> already
> written and working. If someone wrote/'ported' a wap stack, it would  
> even do
> mms.
AFAIK it's a qt-API not a daemon, server whatever.
I assume this means the dialer app becomes part of the phone framework?

Same concerns as for the PIM stuff. This makes gui apps infrastructure.

> Let's put it this way. Once I got the hardware, it took me less than  
> week to
> have Qtopia up and sending/receiving sms's and making phone calls.
I always wondered why no one took teyr code and put it into something  
like gsmd.

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