Importing Freerunners to Australia

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I think there are a few mistakes in the calculations i have seen for
importing the Freerunners into Australia.

Here is my take on all this.

>From Steve at Openmoko's email on shipping costs
Subject:        RE: Shipping questions, customer organized distribution
in Europe
Date:   Sun, 27 Apr 2008 10:56:22 -0700 (Mon, 01:56 WST)
the expected shipping costs for 10 phones to Europe would be US$160 or
US$16 each. Cost for individual phones will be US$70 each. I think the
charges to Australia would be similar.

Maybe Steve can confirm this for us, also will Openmoko give the option
of sending the phones insured and what would be the extra charge for
insurance be.

There is no customs duty payable
                           CUSTOMS TARIFF
                             SCHEDULE 3
                                                  Section 16
                      R.10                     Chapter 85/19
Reference Statistical
Number    Code/Unit                  Goods                         Rate

8517.12.00 10 No - - Telephones for cellular networks or for other Free
                     wireless networks

There is a customs entry fee and UPS will charge a fee to lodge all the
documentation. This is around AUS$140, i can't remember the exact
figure, i will phone UPS on Monday. If the units were sent by post you
could do all the paperwork yourself and save around AUS$100, but I think
Steve has already said Openmoko is only sending via UPS.

So at an exchange rate of US$1.00=AUS$1.07

Cost of phone (10 pack)      AUS$394.83
Shipping costs               AUS$ 17.12
Entry fee                    UAS$ 14.00
GST                          AUS$ 42.60
Total                        AUS$468.55

Cost of individual phone     AUS$426.93
Shipping costs               AUS$ 74.90
Total                        AUS$501.83


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