My blog, Freerunner FIrst Impressions and some pics

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Sat May 24 20:10:14 CEST 2008

All of the initial phones that ship from are planned to ship
with the legacy version of the Openmoko Stack and it's GTK applications.

The base set of applications, dialer, SMS, and contacts, have been released
to manufacturing.  So anyone who wants to take this release and build on it
is free to do so.

We will also make available for download a new set of applications and
QTopia. I don’t have a final release date or gold master date on those
applications, but what we have shown people in the ASU is definitely pre

Until the new software is ready for manufacturing release the phones will
ship with the familiar old stack.

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On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 12:43 AM, Kosa <kosa at> wrote:
> Awesome! Thank you very much.

No problem. :)

> What about the software? Did it came with QTopia?

It actually came installed with an older version of the Openmoko
Stack, with the familiar GTK applications. It didn't work very well
and it's since been erased. :) I am under the impression that the
version shipped once it's on sale will have a small set of Qtopia
based applications working and that updates will be released shortly
after that to add functionality.

So, what came installed on the one I have probably won't be installed
on the ones purchased from or from a reseller.

> And sorry if I'me getting it wrong (my english is
> not very good) but first you wrote no accesories
> and next you wrote it came with a headset and the
> laser/led/pens stylus. Ain't those accesories?

I wrote "The Freerunner doesn't come without accessories, however."
which is probably a bit confusing. :) My apologies. This means it DID
come with some. "It is not lacking accessories" is probably a more
clear way to phrase that.

> Well, I have a lot of questions, but I think I'll
> better let those who know how to ask make them.

You're doing well enough. :) Any questions you have might help me
decide what ends up in the reviews I write, so I'd appreciate the
input. :)

> Thanks again
> Kosa
> - Un mundo mejor es posible-
> Kevin Dean escribió:
>> I recieved my Openmoko Freerunner sample this morning via DHL, and
>> like I did with the Neo1973, I took lots of pictures and blogged about
>> it.
>> Some of the pictures aren't the greatest (poor lighting in my bedroom
>> and a photographer I am not!) but they get the idea across. The write
>> up also gives a few tidbits of opinion on some of the changes that
>> seem to get overlooked.
>> Anyway, the writeup can be read at:
>> -Kevin Dean
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