Video of production device?

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>> >>> Is there video of the production FreeRunner in use? I found
>> >>> posted by Kevin
>> >>> Dean on May 19th. Is that video of shipping software or just a concept
>> >>> video?
> If someone cares I dislike such UI.Even on video playback it can be seen that sometimes some sliding effects are somewhat slow.And, what is slightly worse, UI has too few items per screen and over-uses this nasty sliding.So on this video I can see just a permanent nasty scrolling and sliding.IMHO such UI is neither well optimized for stilus- or finger-driven UI nor comfortable in sense that there should be as few levels of nested menus as possible.

It's actually well optimized for the stylus and finger. Openmoko's
2007.2 stack is HORRIBLE for finger based usage, and while Qtopia is a
bit better, it's still pretty bad. The ASU makes selection (via
sliding) easy. Text is also pretty big and easy to select.

>From video it looks like dealing with such menu system is a real PITA.

Much easier than hitting a tiny square with my finger.

>Sliding is great effect and looks great and I like it.If it's not overused as here in this example.

You can still use the icon based app selection screen (ala Qtopia or
iPhone) and is infact the default. Illume is shown off because it's
actually creative.

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