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Sun May 25 19:41:37 CEST 2008

Christoph Pulster wrote:
> - Freerunner - ready to order ASAP it is available.

Cool, so EU customers will get it before ordering the phone from you 
than buying it from USA...

> - soon we offer accessories for Freerunner like spare batterie, charger,  
>   Headset, pouch and also the debug-board

Well, in a private mail (quoted also in this ML) you said me that people 
that will buy a phone from you would get also the extra goodies (pouch 
and headsets) generally shipped only to people ordering a 10-pack from USA.
Can you confirm this?

Since I think that is an important issue for many EU buyers (at least 
the Italian ones I've talked to).

> - group-sales make local communities, that is wonderful. I am happy to    
>   sell Freerunner separately or in packages.

I agree with Michele asking you if there's a kind of discount (at least 
on shipping) for a N-pack ordering (with N > 1 :)).


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