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Alexander Frøyseth alexander.froyseth at
Sun May 25 22:52:24 CEST 2008

Not the most perfect translate, but you can understand it.

The interface is norwegian, but the translate is english

Alexander Frøyseth

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) skrev:
> McCreery, Lee CTR DISA wrote:
>> I know everyone at OM has been busting their butts to get things 
>> pushed out, but the proto has been in the hands of many people for ~1 
>> month and a half+.  Is there any more info on how long the battery 
>> lasts?
>> I know this will get kicked back to “it depends what options you have 
>> turned on(i.e. WiFi, GPS, etc.), but with everything powered, sitting 
>> on my hip in stand-by, making 30 minutes of calls a day(nobody ever 
>> calls me that long, but the wife) what can we expect(1 day, ½ day?)
> Finally I've found something!
> Einstein from got a Freerunner and started a very 
> good report [1], also if it's only in German (Google Language tools 
> could help you, but I hope that the review author will post some 
> informations written in English here too), it states that actually the 
> battery lasts about 8-8.5 hours in standby (!= suspend mode, so with 
> running CPU).
> He doesn't exactly say what he's running, but at least GSM is going.
> I agree in saying that this is a good starting point, since the 
> suspend-mode (so with most devices off) isn't yet available in 
> Freerunner (due to kernel bugs, I guess) and that should increase (a 
> lot) the battery life.
> I hope that both Einstein and Kevin Dean would post other informations 
> about this important topic.
> Bye
> [1]

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