software load for first mfg run of Freerunner? Is ASU what ships?

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Mon May 26 03:16:25 CEST 2008

The stndard openmoko software  has been frozen for RTM. a while back.


Basically  we decided to  focus on key functionality ( dialer, SMS,
contacts) get that key functionality

to a gold master status. do the RTM and then move on to the new software.


So, the phones that come out first will ship with the Openmoko software you
have all seen. GTK based.


The GOAL of the software that ships with the phone is to give people basic
functioning phone capability.

So, for example, my kid has been using his Freerunner since he got it as his
regular phone. He could

not do that with the GTA01 because of various "quirks"  power, 850, etc etc.


GOING FORWARD, our internal resources will be focused on  a collection of
software that leverages the work

of Qtopia while developing a new suite of applications that haven't been
seen on phones before.


ASU the april release will not ship with the first phones. It is PRE Alpha
at best. 


At some point The ASU sample people have been looking at will mature enough
and be RTM



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I am NOT asking if mass production has started.

I am asking if OpenMoko has frozen a release to
load into the microSD cards. It seems to me that the unit can come off
the line, and that one of the final steps before packing would be to load

Is ASU "the* ship[ping s/w load?

yes I know people can and will download new s/w.
but you'd hope that the Freerunner as shipped would not
require an immediate s/w reload.

Or maybe I'm being too "old skool" ???
Ron K. Jeffries

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