early experince Freerunners w/ ASU load, vs. thousnads of Freeruners

Federico Lorenzi florenzi at gmail.com
Mon May 26 07:52:30 CEST 2008

Actually on the FreeRunner it is impossible to brick it unless you
have a debug board, in which case you can unbrick it anyways.

On 5/26/08, David Murrell <dmurrell at waikato.ac.nz> wrote:
> Since I'm a software guy, my list of nice to have's are:
> *Some sort of example workingish software stack to hack on
> *A documented way of unbricking it if/when I stuff up
> *Hardware that works
> I'm not seeing any problems at this stage...
> Here's how I see this working:
> Openmoko ships the phones with the old(er) firmware.
> People get them, and get onto mailing lists. Technically competent users
> figure how to update them, post instructions. Other people verify them,
> write them up in easy to use fashion. Someone posts a script, someone
> else codes it up into a GUI program for win32, downloadable as a msi
> installer. Parallel to this process will be people hacking away after or
> during work, generating custom builds, and scratching their personal
> software itches. Some of this custom work will get picked up by the
> mainline, and make it into the factory builds.
> This happens everywhere there is collaboration - we see it with PSPs,
> DSLites, iPods and a whole bunch of other highly closed,
> user-modification hostile platforms with no documentation publicly
> available. The fact that this is an open platform means that the above
> process is only going to occur faster from the point at which people
> receive their phones.
> So with all due respect, relax. I'm not a terribly good developer, and I
> reckon I'm up for it.
> Looking at this page:
> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Flashing_openmoko#Actually_flashing_things_into_the_device
> Suggests that as long as one isn't messing with the uboot partition, its
> actually pretty hard to properly brick the phone.
> Cheers,
> David
> On Sun, 2008-05-25 at 17:47 -0700, Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
>> Sebastian,
>> I am well aware that we are MANY months away from Freerunner
>> being appropriate choice for an average "just a user."
>> But Steve has talked about "mass production" (starting soon...)
>> which I'd assume implies OpenMoko building a few thousands of
>> Freerunners.
>> I am not asking about the relatively few "early experience"
>> Freerunners that
>> Steve and Michael have evidently seeded out to a few trusted folks.
>> I may be misguided, but the quality of ASU load does not sound like
>> it's ready to flow out to a few thousand developers,
>> never mind how eager they are.
>> My guess:  OpenMoko is gathering feedback from the n=100 (???) early
>> experience Freerunner units, then they knocks down the nastiest bugs,
>> and THEN and only then open the spigot at the factory.
>> If it was me, I would only have built a few hundred so far, but they
>> may
>> well have bigger balls than I do. ;)
>> -rj
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>> From: Sebastian Reichel <elektranox at gmail.com>
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>> Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 22:26:53 +0200
>> Subject: Re: software load for first mfg run of Freerunner? Is ASU
>> what ships?
>> hi,
>> it was said some days ago in the mailing list, that ASU is not the
>> software which is shipped with the phone. But the first Freerunners,
>> which are shipped are still not for the average user - they are for
>> developers, which are able to update their phones.
>> Am Sonntag, den 25.05.2008, 12:35 -0700 schrieb Ron K. Jeffries:
>> > I am NOT asking if mass production has started.
>> >
>> > I am asking if OpenMoko has frozen a release to
>> > load into the microSD cards. It seems to me that the unit can come
>> off
>> > the line, and that one of the final steps before packing would be to
>> > load the
>> > software.
>> >
>> > Is ASU "the* ship[ping s/w load?
>> >
>> > yes I know people can and will download new s/w.
>> > but you'd hope that the Freerunner as shipped would not
>> > require an immediate s/w reload.
>> >
>> > Or maybe I'm being too "old skool" ???
>> > --
>> > Ron K. Jeffries
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