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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Jens Fursund wrote:
|> Maybe I am missing something. But does this mean, that if I want my
|> phone to be able to receive calls it will only last 8-8.5 hours?. Or
|> can I recieve calls from suspend mode? So the phone will be able to
|> wake up when a call i coming in?
| Of course... The phone will be able to wake from suspend mode if a GSM
| event is taken. Anyway it seems that current kernels doesn't allow this.
| Maybe a core-dev could give us more informations about this bug.

Real Linux suspend and GSM wake "work OK" for some values of work.  But
wake is subject to some tricky driver ordering bugs that highly depend
on kernel config right now, which folks are working on.

The config I use which has most things in the monolithic kernel, suspend
~ and resume is fast (~1s suspend, ~1s resume), reliable and repeatable.
~ The distribution config is different and folks report various troubles
we didn't solve yet.  It seems the underlying stuff is good and this is
"a software issue".

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