problem in moko makefile setup

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can someone  either assist or toss him a pointer. 





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Hello everyone,

I tried to use the moko makefile but there seems some problem. I edited the
makefile by replacing the "git://" by "http://" so that installation can go
on despite of firewall and other things. But while using the command "make
setup" I got the following error

student at student-desktop:~/moko$ make setup
( [ -e stamps/bitbake ] && \
          [ -e bitbake/.git ] ) || \
        ( git clone -n bitbake )
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/student/moko/bitbake/.git/
cat: /home/student/moko/bitbake/.git/refs/remotes/origin/bitbake-om: No such
file or directory
cd: 465: can't cd to /home/student/moko/bitbake/.git/refs/remotes/origin
fatal: : not a valid SHA1
( cd bitbake && \
          ( git branch | egrep -e ' bitbake-om$' > /dev/null || \
            git checkout -b bitbake-om --track origin/bitbake-om ))
git checkout: updating paths is incompatible with switching branches/forcing
Did you intend to checkout 'origin/bitbake-om' which can not be resolved as
make: *** [setup-bitbake] Error 1

It seems that there is no origin directory in the
/home/student/moko/bitbake/.git/refs/remotes/ . I checked the repository
structure on, but there is no origin file or
directory in the So I
think that there is something missing.  Can anyone help me out in this



Saurabh Gupta
Electronics and Communication Engg.
NSIT,New Delhi 

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