My experience with the Freerunner

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Tue May 27 06:04:50 CEST 2008

Kevin Dean wrote:
> You mentioned "power saving" twice on the ASU and mention "dim then
> lock". If I understand it correctly, ASU is the Qtopia based stack
> that includes Illume, Diversity, Campwifi et cetera. There's no "dim
> then lock" setting on that stack. Exposure doesn't have any power
> settings that I know of.
> Is this a confusion on my part, or are you testing something other than the ASU?

I'm using whatever software was installed on the phone, which I 
understand to be the ASU stack -- all that's installed on the phone is a 
dialer, SMS application, terminal application, a screenshot capture and 
contact list manager.

When you hold the power button for a few seconds, you see a menu where 
you can turn on/off the GSM modem (default: on), GPS (default: off), 
bluetooth (default: off), wifi (default: on), then a drop-down list of 
three power settings:
- no power saving at all
- dim without locking (which as I understand locks it anyway)
- dim with locking

Ian Douglas

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