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Tue May 27 07:42:39 CEST 2008

Sounds expensive Ian! Keep up the good research ;) As for the OS, 
wouldn't it be the GTK frozen snapshot (pre QT)? Steve said the ASU was 
at a pre-Alpha stage and I can't see it going out on the sample phones 
unless you've updated it yourself recently. If it's not the case then 
mea culpa.


ian douglas wrote:
> ian douglas wrote:
>> With the ASU software, with no power saving at all, I placed a phone 
>> call to my Freerunner with a T-Mobile SIM from an AT&T phone. There 
>> was no audio, just two phones sitting side by side. The next morning, 
>> of course, the Freerunner was completely drained (my AT&T phone was 
>> plugged into its charger). The phone call lasted 3 hours and 52 
>> minutes -- just shy of 4 full hours.
>> I'm running another test right now with power saving turned on 
>> (dimming, no locking), to see if that has any additional impact on 
>> call life.
> To follow up, the second phone call hung up after 3 hours and 54 
> minutes -- only a two minute saving, but the Freerunner's battry icon 
> still showed lots of power available, instead of being completely 
> drained like my test with power saving turned off.
> Since the call ended about the same amount of time as my test last 
> night (236 minutes vs 234 minutes), I'm curious if either AT&T or 
> TMobile simply kill a phone call just shy of 4 hours of talk time to 
> free up their network.
> To solve that riddle, I'll try both my AT&T SIM card and TMobile SIM 
> card in the Freerunner and call it from my Vonage VoIP line, see if I 
> can narrow down what killed the call.
> My speculation at this point is that the 3 hour 52 minute call last 
> night that drained my battery might not have drained the Freerunner's 
> battery completely, but that the phone just ran out of power at some 
> point after the phone call because power saving was turned off.
> Stay tuned,
> Ian Douglas
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