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Kyle Gordon kyle at
Tue May 27 18:37:52 CEST 2008

Staley, Daniel L wrote:
> So now that the freerunner is almost upon us (my friends will be glad when it finally comes out after a year of telling them "a couple months from now I'll have it!"),  I have thought about what my first project is going to be.
> Being the nerd and impulsive buyer I am, I have bought a wireless bluetooth keyboard (perfect for the freerunner i think... ) for programming on the go, an external GPS antenna with a magnetic end to boost my GPS reception in the car, and finally a car "phone/GPS dash holder" to have a place to set my freerunner while driving.
It all sounds rather fantastic to be honest. I'm no programmer, but I'd 
happily test out revisions for you :-) I need to get a FreeRunner first 

It would be great to have a routing app that integrates with, say, 
OpenStreetMap. One that could also be used to store tracks and upload 
them if the road isn't in their database already. I have this fanciful 
vision of GPS units like FreeRunner (or Dash for that matter) using Open 
Source data from OSM to do routing, whilst load balancing roads and 
routes by the servers being aware of traffic flows and optimal routes 
for that time of day (similar to really). Where roads aren't 
present, the GPS traces get uploaded on the fly, and one way systems can 
be automatically determined by traffic rates and flow....

We can dream, but this certainly sounds like a step there :-)


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