SyncML on Freerunner

Jens Meyer jm2 at
Tue May 27 19:57:13 CEST 2008


I had the same suggestion.

I am using SyncML and funambol-server with different phones (and 
clients) - so with SyncML-support it would be possible to sync all 
contacts/appointments with Freerunner also.

I am no expert in this area but IMHO SyncML is a reliable standard for 
sync of contacts and appointments and funambol is GPL (?!) so I was 
astonished about the plans to develop an own server for this...

Kind regards,


Vinc Duran schrieb:
> Hi, I may be missing something but as far as the server side of things 
> go isn't this exactly what's been done at Funambol?   
> According to their faq they support Sync 1.2 and earlier.
> Vinc
> On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 2:02 AM, Samuel Melrose 
> <sam at <mailto:sam at>> wrote:
>     Hey Marco,
>     I am currently part of a project that is trying to get a sync
>     service running on the OpenMoko platform... It is only in planning
>     stages so far, but the server side is going to be started soon, and
>     then when I can get the emulator running, we will start developing
>     the client for the phone.
>     Have actually JUST taken a look at the SyncML specification, and it
>     looks very good, and could save a lot of time, as it already
>     implements a lot. But would still have to write the server side and
>     authentication from scratch to support encryption on the server side
>     without problem to the user. And also maybe extend the protocol to
>     support some more features the community asked for when it was being
>     discussed.
>     Is there anyone that is really interested in this?
>     GPL + Hosted version....
>     If this is what people want of course?
>     Thanks very much,
>     Samuel Melrose
>     sam at <mailto:sam at>
>     On 26 May 2008, at 23:51, linux4u at wrote:
>         Hello everybody
>         Is there a possibility to get a SyncML (1.1 / 1.2) Interface for
>         the Freerunner?
>         Is something planned or even possible?
>         Thanks for all answer or links,
>         Marco
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