My experience with the Freerunner

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  There are two different software loads.

  Out of the box you should have Openhand Apps running on GTK.

  That is the BASE functionality. dialer, sms, contacts.

  The future software stack is available from Michael. Entirely different

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Kevin Dean wrote:
> You mentioned "power saving" twice on the ASU and mention "dim then
> lock". If I understand it correctly, ASU is the Qtopia based stack
> that includes Illume, Diversity, Campwifi et cetera. There's no "dim
> then lock" setting on that stack. Exposure doesn't have any power
> settings that I know of.
> Is this a confusion on my part, or are you testing something other than
the ASU?

I'm using whatever software was installed on the phone, which I 
understand to be the ASU stack -- all that's installed on the phone is a 
dialer, SMS application, terminal application, a screenshot capture and 
contact list manager.

When you hold the power button for a few seconds, you see a menu where 
you can turn on/off the GSM modem (default: on), GPS (default: off), 
bluetooth (default: off), wifi (default: on), then a drop-down list of 
three power settings:
- no power saving at all
- dim without locking (which as I understand locks it anyway)
- dim with locking

Ian Douglas

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