SyncML on Freerunner

Christoph Witzany mail at
Tue May 27 21:12:20 CEST 2008

Well not entirely.

At least not the vanilla funambol installation.

Of course syncing contacts/calendars/notes can be done with funambol out 
of the box.

But in the thread ".Mac like service" there came up some additional 
ideas (like a transparent filesystem that stores files in the net when 
space is lacking and connection is not, storing the configuration of the 
phone to reinstall it, and some more).

Also the phone should recognize if and how it is connected to a 
synchronization point. Maybe it should decide what to synchronize based 
on the connection. While funambol will probably be a good starting point 
and at least a great reference point, there is some more work to it than 
just setting up a funambol server.

I started a Trac project on to 
collect ideas what such a service could do.

Feel free to participate.  Just introduce yourself on the wiki or send 
me a personal mail.

A reason why I did not consider using is, that I 
see this project being of broader use than just for openmoko. While the 
openmoko is the ideal platform to start such an effort, I would also 
want to synchronize the data with my desktop, netbook, the PC I launch 
from my knoppix USB stick and whatever comes my way.

Well kind of the same thing everybody and Red Hat is trying to introduce 
now for the desktop, only that it is far more useful for mobile devices.

There are some additional challenges that affect only mobile devices 
however, like the uncertain connection and limited power/cpu/storage 
resources that make it far easier to use a solution that fits for mobile 
devices on a desktop than vice versa. Also mobile devices will take over 
in the long run.

Well let's get to work.

Vinc Duran schrieb:
> Hi, I may be missing something but as far as the server side of things 
> go isn't this exactly what's been done at Funambol?   
> According to their faq they support Sync 1.2 and earlier.
> Vinc

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