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Tue May 27 21:15:00 CEST 2008

This project looks to be exactly what I need to integrate with!  It even takes commands over dbus!
Well that sounds like a good starting point.  Does anyone know if the media player currently implemented takes start/stop commands from dbus?  If not (which im assuming from the state it was in last time I tried it on my Neo 1973 probably not) is it hard to get pulseaudio to play music atm?  I havent messed with it much.

-Dan Staley

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ramsesoriginal wrote:
> Sounds all pretty intresting. The only problem I see is that 'till now
> we only have a location, but not a navigation app (even if that
> shouldn't be a probelm, when we have reliable maps).

Why not?
Navit [1] should do the work...!


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