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Oh I'm not looking to replace TangoGPS.  I've been following his project since he first released it on my Neo, and I've been very impressed.  However, I dont believe (correct me if I'm wrong Marcus) that it does directions or has a way for me to easily interface with it in another application.  The app I'm looking to work on will not have anywhere near the overall amount of GPS features that TangoGPS has.  Navit will better integrate into what I'm looking at doing because of the dbus-interface interaction and it's ability to be integrated into other programs.

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That looks nice, but what about the TangoGPS?

Marcus? It's been a while since we last heard of it on the list,
Are you still working on it?

Cheers and happy waiting.


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> ramsesoriginal wrote:
>> Sounds all pretty intresting. The only problem I see is that 'till
>> now
>> we only have a location, but not a navigation app (even if that
>> shouldn't be a probelm, when we have reliable maps).
> Why not?
> Navit [1] should do the work...!
> [1]
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