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Samuel Melrose sam at
Wed May 28 00:15:23 CEST 2008

Hey again,
To try and answer some more questions, as Christoph has already done  
so mostly... The reason for having an OWN server for this project was  
to implement multiple things... We were going to start small, but  
thing big, and go where no-one has gone before... Well, at least that  
was my ambition anyway. Keep everything open, but at the same time,  
very hosted.

The project is very nicely hosted by Christoph at the moment, and we  
will be making advances in the near future. But at this current  
moment, we have only exchanged a few emails in regards to planning,  
and are still looking for ideas, as well as developers and people to  
help. So this project has not actually developed anything solid yet,  
to answer that question.

The was I was thinking, and I would like to hear everyones ideas on  
this, is... This service would have its own specially designed server,  
making it very easy for us to add new services, etc.. and not be  
limited by any licensing issues.
We could store data in our own formats, I suggest SQLite databases...  
This way, we can offer our own API set for OpenMoko handsets, to make  
sure it is specifically taylored to the needs and wants of its users,  
as well as the specifications of the phone. But then also, because it  
is our own format, we can then develop more things (I don't know if  
you'd call it an API, but sort of SyncML frontend to our backend, as  
well as other frontends, to suit as many users as possible)... But  
also the advantage of starting our own backend from scratch is, users  
want encryption. I have not fully read up on what is offered by  
SyncML, but the things I had in mind offer great encryption standards  
for those who want their data protected to the highest degree..

To answer the question of what it would be syncing, I think Christoph  
already got this... But it would be tailored to suit everything  
OpenMoko first, then other platforms AFTERWARDS... Well, if Christoph  
is in agreement with me, that is....
So basically, everything and anything you want, give up a shout, and  
we'll try and get it packed in...

Anyway, I won't go into TOO much detail (says this after going on for  
AGES, I apologize)....
Will try and post some more when I know more,
Samuel Melrose
sam at

On 27 May 2008, at 18:57, Jens Meyer wrote:

> Hi!
> I had the same suggestion.
> I am using SyncML and funambol-server with different phones (and  
> clients) - so with SyncML-support it would be possible to sync all  
> contacts/appointments with Freerunner also.
> I am no expert in this area but IMHO SyncML is a reliable standard  
> for sync of contacts and appointments and funambol is GPL (?!) so I  
> was astonished about the plans to develop an own server for this...
> Kind regards,
>      Jens
> Vinc Duran schrieb:
>> Hi, I may be missing something but as far as the server side of  
>> things go isn't this exactly what's been done at Funambol?
>> According to their faq they support Sync 1.2 and earlier.
>> Vinc
>> On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 2:02 AM, Samuel Melrose <sam at 
>>  <mailto:sam at>> wrote:
>>    Hey Marco,
>>    I am currently part of a project that is trying to get a sync
>>    service running on the OpenMoko platform... It is only in planning
>>    stages so far, but the server side is going to be started soon,  
>> and
>>    then when I can get the emulator running, we will start developing
>>    the client for the phone.
>>    Have actually JUST taken a look at the SyncML specification, and  
>> it
>>    looks very good, and could save a lot of time, as it already
>>    implements a lot. But would still have to write the server side  
>> and
>>    authentication from scratch to support encryption on the server  
>> side
>>    without problem to the user. And also maybe extend the protocol to
>>    support some more features the community asked for when it was  
>> being
>>    discussed.
>>    Is there anyone that is really interested in this?
>>    GPL + Hosted version....
>>    If this is what people want of course?
>>    Thanks very much,
>>    Samuel Melrose
>>    sam at <mailto:sam at>
>>    On 26 May 2008, at 23:51, linux4u at wrote:
>>        Hello everybody
>>        Is there a possibility to get a SyncML (1.1 / 1.2) Interface  
>> for
>>        the Freerunner?
>>        Is something planned or even possible?
>>        Thanks for all answer or links,
>>        Marco
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