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Wed May 28 00:30:57 CEST 2008

Am Dienstag, 27. Mai 2008 17:08:04 schrieb Staley, Daniel L:
> So now that the freerunner is almost upon us (my friends will be glad when
> it finally comes out after a year of telling them "a couple months from now
> I'll have it!"),  I have thought about what my first project is going to
> be.
<snip, you all know the text />
> If no one says that it would be impossible for some reason, I'll probably
> start drawing up some test cases, examples screens, and basic code flow.
> -Dan Staley

Well, why not create a new project on
I'd really like to see your great ideas organized and well documented, as I 
really can understand what you're planning to do. My goals with the 
Freerunner are as well using it in the car and thus replacing my oldschool, 
navi and radio only 'thing' in my car. 

It would also be great if incoming messages (being SMS, email, MMS, IM or 
whateverelse) were scrolled on the screen in big sized font. (Maybe a 
confirmation: Press AUX to view new message(s))
So, you (or your friends in the car) may read what you got and thus you can 
drive without being disturbed by incoming messages.

	Fabian Off

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