QT/GTK madness

steve steve at openmoko.com
Wed May 28 03:26:57 CEST 2008

You git it.!!

My whole goal was to get a stable working set of basic apps as the factory
preload. That's the GTK stuff. People can work on it if they like, extend
it, change it, whatever. But it must be a working phone.

In parallel we would fork down a more adventurous path. 

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I really don't understand you people.
Instead of being happy that FIC sells their phones with a workable
app stack so that you can actually use the phone to make phone calls
and manage your contacts you rant here about toolkits although
many people have made it very clear that OM supports GTK as well 
as QT.

And we are talking about factory preload here, meaning the SW that
comes with the phone out of the box when it is shipped to you.
I expect to get a working SW stack to make phone calls, write SMS,
manage contacts when I get the phone.
However that does not mean that I will not change the SW that is on
the phone - that's what the openness of OM is all about then anyway,

As the phone is completely open you can install whatever SW you prefer.
AFAIK the "old" GTK based apps still exist and you can continue to work
on them to make them work without problems.
Go and be a member of the community and make these apps work if
you care about them instead of just mourning about their absence in
the initial factory preload.

IMHO it is the right decision from FIC (who actually produce the NEO)
to sell it with a working  SW stack, so that all the people who are not
programmers get a working phone once the shop opens.

Do you really think people would appreciate a phone that does not
even provide reliable  basic functionality.
And if you doubt that the "old" GTK app stack still does not provide
reliable basic functionality just go and read the mailing list or bugzilla.

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