ASU software - pre-pre-release impressions

Ian Darwin ian at
Wed May 28 05:09:41 CEST 2008

>>>> lookup; I find this very distracting compared to a plain do-what-I-type
>>>> keyboard, and would welcome an easy way to turn this off
>> I'd still very much like to see a way to turn it off, so it works the 
>> same for letters as for numbers. It's annoying 90% of the time because 
>> most of the person or street names I need to enter into Contacts are not 
>> going to be listed.  I promise not to write my next 850-page book on my 
>> Neo, so word lookup is of limited use.  I suspect that Contacts, Todo 
>> and Calendar is the most common use case for most people, and that 
>> writing normal text is the least common for most people.
 >> [of course I forgot about the SMS junkies when I wrote that...]
> and how does turning it off help? that's my question? in the list of matches is
> ALSO "exactly" what you typed with all its typos (or lack of them) so to enter
> that - select it. i am just failing to see the need to turn it off? you may not
> need it now as u are busy entering a mountain of contact stuff - but later u
> will thank the lord for it. then again - maybe in your culture or social group
> people don't sms much - i know that here sms is done much more often than
> calls. :)

Sure, I rarely SMS. And, how to you "select it" when it's covered by the 
right-facing arrow that pops up the entire list, in too-huge letters? :-)

I'd really like an option to just make it work the same for letters as 
it does for numbers - one keystroke, one character in the input box.
I'm a good typist, really I am :-)

Also (this is hopefully a temporary bug), sometimes it doesn't actually 
copy what you typed even when you select it from the list - letters get 
transposed or doubled. I thought I was imagining this, but I'm not; I've 
got a couple of witnesses now :-)

>> ... Speaking of the app icons, I'd love to see a way to hide ones I'm 
>> not using, and move ones I use frequently to a non-default order (my 
>> five-year-old Blackberry has this feature, for one). This is probably 
>> there and I don't know how, or something Carsten can do with a bit of 
>> EFL code, right? :-)
> you could maintain a .order file... as the apps are simply in a directory and u
> see a filemanager view :) but really - this is getting into feature land we
> don't need right now. as such the icon view mode is more temporary as the other
> option (slide mode) is really hard to use. i don't intend to sink any more time
> into icon view mode :)

I *really really* hope that icon view mode is not planned to "go away". 
Even if it's just there as an option, I find it much easier personally. 
I know illume is partly(?) your project, but I'm just sooo used to an 
icon grid, - been using a Blackberry for years, and a Treo 600 for years 
before that -  thus many years of icon grids.  I suspect I am not the 
only one who likes icon grids in a phone (it's original-QTopia's only 
mode, AFAIK), and the default on many other phones... Please keep it!!

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