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Wed May 28 06:53:08 CEST 2008

Am Di  27. Mai 2008 schrieb Staley, Daniel L:
> * If someone calls while the program is running, ideally I would like the 
> program to pause all music etc and say "Incoming call from Fred" and display 
> 2 large buttons "Ignore" and "Accept."  If accept is pressed, I want the 
> phone to go into speakerphone mode, but still to route the audio to the car 
> speakers.  I'm wondering if it would be possible to cancel out the repeating 
> of the caller's audio back into the microphone?  I'm not up to date on my 
> noise cancellation techniques ;).   If this doesnt seem plausable, just 
> going into speakerphone mode, or talking through a bluetooth headset will be 
> acceptable.        

I think there's a decent amount of feedback killing in the GSM-module, like in 
every cellphone (just has to be setup correctly), as well as in your 
GSM-provider's gateway. 
Furthermore you may preprocess the sound prior to routing it to the 
GSM-module, by some echo-suppressor/echo-canceler.
But I think you won't be happy with the built-in mic, for usage far from 
speaker in a noisy car. Probably a BT-headset is the better solution. There 
are BT-speaker&mic-devices for integration in your seat's head-support, 
probably worth to try.
(just a note: you must not use Freerunner speaker and headset connector 
concurrently. At least using the speaker will produce unpredictable volume on 
left ear channel of wired headset. Sorry I was to late to stop this for 
GTA02 - wonder about ringtones :-/ When I forget to pull out the headphones 
when throwing FR on the table; or when I connect FR to my stereo to play 
music and a call comes in...)

The rest sounds good to me. Just curious about the FM-connection to your 
car-radio... And you will need a car-USB-charger ;-)

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