Peter A Trotter peter.trotter at
Wed May 28 19:43:36 CEST 2008

2008/5/28 Jan Stöckel <janspost at>:
> hey given (german news site)is right, MPX
> is now a part of Xorg, and I can
> remember that the display of the freerunner was ready for multituch, so
> coud it be possible that the freerunner/openmoko is capable of multituch
> within might a year ? (I am aware that that isnt prioryty it woud just
> be nice to know....) Or I am completly wrong and it isn`t possible ?
> Jan

Hi Jan,

I don't believe the screen used for FreeRunner can resolve multi
touch. Unfortunately it's a hardware issue not a software one.

From the hardware page of the wiki

It's a resistance type touch sensor.


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