Meta Toolchain Release (2008 May)

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Thu May 29 03:11:26 CEST 2008

Am Mi  28. Mai 2008 schrieb Andy Green:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | | What we need is to enable to install these into the toolchain somehow,
> | | rather than make that a special "do it at the factory" operation
> | to get
> | | things into toolchain.
> | |
> | |> Agreed, but till that time if anyone is interested in the toolchain I
> | |> can put it up somewhere.
> |
> | Hey good job Pranav.
> |
> | After 7 months of proposing this methodology I finally get a taker --
> | from outside OM.  Maybe in another 7 months we can get a host-side opkg
> |
> |> Hmm, so within OM you guys don't prefer/advise using pre-built
> |> toolchains? Any particular reason?
> Open Embedded is the basis for current OM build system, it has a
> Gentoo-type build-it-all-from-scratch approach.  It wanted to build over
> 1,100 packages when I tried to use it to compile ONE package, many of
> these packages were built for host.  It was unable to build its thousand
> packages of fun on Fedora 9 so I was unable to use it -- at all.
> In fact all of the target packages it wanted to compile were sitting
> there already compiled in the distribution packages, it did not need to
> do any of it.  All it needed was to use the prebuilt toolchain like you
> did, and unpack existing target packages and their -dev into the host
> like you did, and I would have been away.
> |> For me, it seems too tedious to setup the OM dev env to build single app
> |> like the dialer or some other app like squid-cache. I think the
> |> toolchain is very useful, especially for small apps, test programs or
> |> even OM apps, which just needs a small personalized modification.
> |> Anyway, thats just my thought.
> Totally agree.  But more so: it should be the basis of our offering to
> devs.  Vast bulk of potential devs only want to recompile THEIR package
> and just link against distro packages, or cherrypick one distro app to
> modify.  Package-based toolchain is the perfect, lean basis for this.
> -Andy
ACK!!! 110%
gentoo is a weird approach, that discourages potential devs from giving it a 
shot. :-(

my 0.02€

[[poor developers, I really feel with them]] [OWTTE quote of ~may 2 2008 
fellow lodger. when asking how to build my own branch]
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