problems about openmoko-browser2

赵经纬 2008zhjw at
Thu May 29 03:24:51 CEST 2008

i come to some problems when i run openmoko-browser2 on qemu. when i open
the web and click the link : history. and the browser
display it on the current page correctly.I input . the
openmoko-browser2 open the website correctly.then i input the key word
"baidu" in the search filed. the google will list many websites related
"baidu". but when i click one of them, the browser do nothing and can't open
the website.
when i use the gpe-mini-browser,it can work very well.As you konw the
gpe-mini-browser uses osb-nrcit and osb-nrcore at the core of the
application,the openmoko-browser2 uses webkit at the core of the
application. then i compare them and find  that there is a defined signal
"req_new_window" in osb-nrcit. the signal "req_new_window" can notify the
application that whether the browser create a new page to open the url.
Next, how can i display the website responding to the click?
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