My second battery life test with the freerunner in standby

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Thu May 29 04:03:18 CEST 2008

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I think he would not have understood dutch either since he comes from 
germany ;-)

David Samblas Martinez schrieb:
| No need to be Shakespeare here :)
| I understand you and I like a lot what you are saying.
| I appreciate a lot your effort to translate your thoughts and 
experience to English, Dutch is a little out of my languages knowledges.
| Any report from real world add fresh air on this list like  an open 
windows (what an oxymoron)
| When the CPU will be able to down and up his Hz depends of system 
demands it will be a lot of power saving extra.
| I will like to know how the diferents components(wifi, gps...) affects 
on the battery drainage
| and a music with headset test  and ...and ...and..I want my freeruner 
to do it myself ;)!!!
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|     Fecha: miércoles, 28 mayo, 2008 11:18
|     Hi,
|     the day is over an the freerunner turns off after 16hours. I 
charged it
|     over night, 7 hours long. So i only turn on the gsm. I don't use the
|     Freerunner often. A short gps session of 15min an some sms, one short
|     call, one missed call! And in the afternoon i wake up the freerunner
|     every 30min to check the state of the device.
|     I am supriesed of this. yesterday i think 14 hours are possible.
|     Well, i think all the developers do a great job, and there are many
|     opertunitys for more standby time.
|     So now i go to bed, in 7 hours my night is
|      over.
|     Greets
|     Einstein
|     PS: sorry for the my bad english...
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