A disturbance in the force?

Bastian Muck bastian.muck at gmx.de
Thu May 29 17:40:42 CEST 2008

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I guess, that it is a driver issue. The open drivers have to be done by 
reverse engeneering (at least until somwhere round february) and the 
proprietary drivers have many bugs. I hope things will get better since 
the documentation has been made open by AMD.

Greetings Bastian

Marc-Olivier Barre schrieb:
| On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 6:30 PM, Ian Darwin <ian at darwinsys.com> wrote:
|> Once today, while my FreeRunner was plugged in on USB, I tapped the 
|> to wake it up, and it came up, but all the pixels in text were jiggly, as
|> though the screen were being refreshed at the wrong rate. When I 
called up
|> the qwerty keyboard, it appeared quite scrambled.
|> Sadly I didn't have a video camera trained on it at the time, and by the
|> time I whipped out my pocket video camera, it had gone into suspend mode;
|> when I hit the power button to awaken it, the problem was gone!
|> I know it's not my eyesight :-) This really happened. But only once.
|> I'll make sure I have the video camera handy in case it comes back,
|> although, recording a 640x480 video of the freerunner will be pretty 
|> and probably won't accurately show the problem (due to things like 
|> rates)... Sigh.
| I think I see what you mean.
| the same thing happens on my Asus laptop (ATI X700 graphic card) when
| I switch from the console to X. Sometimes the screen appears like what
| you'll get when using the wrong refresh rate on a CRT screen.
| switching again to and from a console makes it go away. Never knew
| what was causing it though.
| Driver issue or X issue ?...
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