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This may be relevant to those folks interested in developing routing apps on 


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Subject: [Routing] http://www.openrouteservice.org
Date: Wednesday 28 May 2008 17:34
From: Pascal Neis <neis at geoinform.fh-mainz.de>
To: routing at openstreetmap.org
Cc: zipf at geographie.uni-bonn.de

I want to tell that I develop a new OSM-Routing application as a Web-service
 and website.

A first version for complete Germany (over 1,4 million street segements) just
 went online in a
very first prototype version at: http://www.openrouteservice.org

The interesting thing is that it uses both free and open OSM street data and
 also an "open" international standard for the routing API. It is the Open
 Location Services Route Service Specification of the Open Geospatial
 Consortium (OGC).

It also supports "avoidareas" which are regions that shall be avoided by the
 routing algorithm.
Possible usage scenarios include disasters, traffic jams, construction works

At the moment the first version of the interactive Website is online, but the
 idea is to publish also the
URL for the web-service itself, so that it can be used as OGC Web Service
 using a standardised
OpenLS XML-Request. This would allow to use the service easily - and in an
 interoperable way
 in your own applcaitions. Some more information on this idea can be found in
 our publications: see
at http://www.openrouteservice.org -> Info.

Of course we plan to integrate other countries, too, but first we need to
 improve the application,
adding data then is easy. As we have implemented a range of further OGC
 OpenLS core services.
in the next days further functionalities and services will be added, such as
 a OGC Geocoder
(OpenLS Location Utility Service Specification) using OSM Data ...

best whishes


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