My experience with the Freerunner

ian douglas ian.douglas at
Thu May 29 19:39:46 CEST 2008

Lasse Poulsen wrote:
> Also it would be nice to see how long call time you have if you talk
> continually (might i suggest an audio-book or to). If you don't i
> properly will (haven't got the device yet!)

Taking Lasse's advice, I set up a new test last night:

I fully charged my Freerunner, inserted the TMobile SIM card, and set it 
beside my computer speakers with Amarok looping some of my more rockin' 
tunes. I made sure the only thing left 'on' on the Freerunner was the 
GSM modem (wifi which is on by default, was turned off). I also enabled 
power-saving (dim, no lock -- but it locks anyway)

I called it from my AT&T phone, which I plugged in next to my TV and 
watched two full movies from Netflix and 3 episodes of The Dead Zone.

In that span, where both phones would have audio to play back and forth 
to one another, my AT&T phone beeped after 3 hours, 51 minutes and 11 
seconds that the connection was broken. I immediately redialed the 
Freerunner, and since it was already at about 90 minutes into the second 
call, I went to bed.

I got up this morning to see that my AT&T phone ended the call after 2 
hours, 11 minutes and 21 seconds. I figured this went one of two ways -- 
the Freerunner ran out of battery power, or I ran out of minutes from 

My TMobile SIM card was a 1,000-minute pay-as-you-go SIM, which is about 
16.7 hours of talk time, which I've only ever used for my Freerunner 
tests ... so having only three 3:51:00 phone calls (give or take a few 
minutes) and one 2:11:21 call that I still have plenty of minutes left 
on my SIM card, and sure enough -- the battery on the Freerunner was 
completely dead.

(as a side note, it's nice to see that a deeply discharged Freerunner 
doesn't have the same issue as the GTA01 where you have to charge it for 
an hour before anything shows on the screen)

Since I have TMobile minutes left, I'll finally get around to testing 
the phone from various alternate locations this coming weekend with the 
TMobile SIM, and I'll swap it out for the AT&T SIM if needed.

To recap:
- GSM turned on
- wifi turned off
- bluetooth turned off
- gps turned off
- power saving enabled (dim, no lock)
- total talk time of 6:02:32 with constant audio on both sides of the 

Hope this helps.

More tests to come, stay tuned!

And thanks to those who sent messages (and Steve confirming on the list) 
that my Freerunner is NOT running the ASU stack. I've watched the 
YouTube video of the ASU stack and it's completely different. My bad.

Ian Douglas
(not Ian Darwin)

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