Freerunner Sale Price in India - Official partner with Openmoko

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> Hi everyone,
> I'm a little (actually quite) late in this scene so pardon my ignorance on
> any goofy questions. I am a LAMP (and uhm ... Java) developer and had always
> wanted/waited for a "dream box" like this. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I
> came across openmoko 1 year late. But better late than never... yeah.

Welcome, I dont think you are very late at all, there were only a few
neo1973s, the first generation free phones (swathanthra phone as some one
pointed out)  sold in India (according to my very casual research of
orkut/blog sphere ) and one had to order them directly from openmoko, no
reseller. The new hardware (Freerunner) is much more juicier(sic)
considering the variety in Indian phone market.

> I'll be honest when I say I came pretty close to buying an iPhone when I
> went to US recently but the whole "Out of Stock" thing drove me mad. In fact
> I started harboring anti-Apple feelings ($20 for s/w upgrades,
> overtly-closed-and-controlled UI environment etc. etc.) that I decided to
> stick with my iMate SP5m until something really gets to me. And here I am.

of course, its the 'Handheld of the free and Phone of the brave'.

> So, my first few questions (and I'm thrilled to know a thread on Neo Indian
> retailing exists!!) -
> 1. Where in India can I purchase Neo FreeRunner and its related accessories
> once it gets released. I know Rakshat is the man here but can we get some
> more info on this please? Can I pre-order one (just in case it runs out of
> stock!)

As far as I know (and I have followed this mailing list since its inception)
Rakshat is THE Man. you can pre-order at his website.
These are his mails form the archive

> 2. Whats this talk of 15.4K discount Mr. Krishna is talking about. How can
> I be entitled to it as well? :D :P

The first few phones were offered for a discount, I was one of the early
birds. unfortunately he has announced that all the slots are taken as of now
barring last minute cancellations.

Dig thru here to for the whole scoop.

> Thanks!
> Rahul J aka sector7

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