My experience with the Freerunner

ian douglas id at
Thu May 29 21:58:14 CEST 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> | Taking Lasse's advice, I set up a new test last night:
> Just a little point about these tests, AIUI the GPS stuff acts radically
> differently in terms of current consumption depending on the distance
> from the base station.

I'm assuming you meant "GSM" not "GPS", so as I understand your point, a 
better test would be actually having the Neo move around geographically 
to hop to/from different cell towers, and that a test like this will 
give more realistic battery usage statistics?

In theory, it sounds very reasonable if it will draw varying amount of 
current from the battery. Thanks for the idea.

Given the cost of gasoline these days, though much lower than in Europe, 
I'm not sure spending two tanks of gas to drive around for 4-6 hours to 
achieve more usage stats will be feasible.

I think that knowing a "best case scenario" (where you stay in the same 
location), you get about 6 hours of talk time, is still helpful. Cell 
phone manufacturers typically report a "best case scenario" when 
reporting talk time and standby time, with the legalese and fine print 
stating that "your results may vary" from their data.



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