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Fri May 30 00:23:05 CEST 2008

ian douglas wrote:
> I think that knowing a "best case scenario" (where you stay in the same 
> location), you get about 6 hours of talk time, is still helpful. Cell 
> phone manufacturers typically report a "best case scenario" when 
> reporting talk time and standby time, with the legalese and fine print 
> stating that "your results may vary" from their data.
> Thoughts?

I agree, and we can't ask you more than testing like you're doing.

Unfortunately I don't live always in places where's there's full GSM 
signal strength (there are mountains, here! :P), so I already thought to 
this issue, but I didn't hope in test in this scenario...

The only thing I'm asking to you, Ian, is to report the GSM signal 
strength in your testing zone, just to complete the informations you've 
already given.

Anyway, I'll appreciate so much if another one of the lucky Freerunner 
owners could make a battery test (also just a "standby" one) in a place 
with low GSM coverage...

Thanks again!

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