Packaging third-party applications (Was: Meta Toolchain Release (2008 May))

Rod Whitby rod at
Fri May 30 05:35:49 CEST 2008

Pranav Desai wrote:
> On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 5:49 PM, Rod Whitby <rod at 
> <mailto:rod at>> wrote:
>     The usual way is to add the package to OpenEmbedded, and then add
>     it's name to the
>     <> recipe so that it automatically gets
>     built, packaged and deployed to the official download site.
> But wouldn't that mean writing a recipe for all packages that we want to 
> add?

That is correct.

> Many third party apps already have a makefile setup, why do you 
> want to change that ?

Writing a recipe does not involve changing the existing Makefile. If the 
existing Makefile is written properly, then the recipe should be about 5 
lines long.

But the major reason to do this is the one I gave below, which you 
didn't comment on.  Security and trust of third-party apps should be a 
very significant consideration for the Openmoko community.

>     Also, I am much more likely to trust a package recipe that I can
>     build and install myself using OpenEmbedded (or download from an
>     official site where the package has been built from source by a
>     trusted autobuild system), rather than downloading some unknown,
>     possibly virus-tainted binary package from some random site ...  

-- Rod

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