using the openmoko neo101 in mass storage mode

Evgeny Ginzburg Nad.Oby at
Fri May 30 11:32:27 CEST 2008

manoj kumar wrote:
> hello
>      Already i have posted to this community regarding this question but i
> didn get any response.
> Can the openmoko mobile be used as a mass storage device, or can it be
> networked with windows???
> It would b very helpfull if i am getting any reply( even if there s no way
> to do so, mail me stating tat.)
Generally, yes for both.
 From any Linux you can scp/sftp to it.
For Windows interoperability there is samba for openembedded and 
Openmoko is openembedded based.
I'm in doubt it (samba) will be in installed by default. You may install 
it yourself.

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