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How does synaptics handle this? When I look at the output my touchpad does, I can see "X Y Fingers" Values... Maybe we could look into this code and see how they do detect the amount of fingers? Dunno whether they work nearly the same, but I believe this could maybe point us into the right direction :)

Only my idea... 2-finger-scrolling is so great!

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Am Do  29. Mai 2008 schrieb Bastian Muck:
> I have a little idea. Imagine, you put your finger somewhere on the
> right side of the screen. The "average" point is also somewhere at the
> right side. When you put another finger e.g. at the left side the
> "average" point jumps somewhere to the middle. This "jump" is where we
> could guess, that at least two fingers touch the screen. You can't use

It's the same as sliding with the one finger from right to middle. Remember 
the pressure is also important for the "average", so if you hit really hard 
with the left finger, the "avg" still does no "jump" but a fast move over the 
middle some way left and then back to middle. still a single point gesture. 
Allegedly there is (or has been) sth like "pressure detection" in the 
ts-driver, that probably meassures the R *between* the 2 foils. IIRC that 
couldn't be done with GTA01, but is maybe feasible with GTA02. It would give 
some additional info to maybe distinguish multitouch from gesture. I already 
said I'll have a look at it some day...

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