Virtualization to give windows servicies to Neo

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Was Re: using the openmoko neo101 in mass storage mode (sorry topic too long to be useful and maybe the post too)

Seeking about give an like usb masstorage service to Windows users I have found this inspiring page using-sshfs-to-access-remote-directories-in-windows[1]
What about seek some basic easy virtualizable distro to ripoff whatever unneeded in th kernel and soft that provide us a local simulated linux based usb to network adapter and mount an samba server or whatever?(long question),
 I don't know how in Windows host ->Linux simulated scenario will work , but I have tried some usb mass storages and the windows simulated on my Linux machines reacts as an hardware plugged mass storage device.
If I was decently working with a virtualized XP in  Kubuntu (both very heavy  OS in a  Athlon 3200+ and 515Mb of ram I supose an mini distro without X and a per example a light web server to config it (an default config can be set or guided by an assistant in the installation process )
I know it will be more resources eater this solution than the usb to Ethernet windows driver  and ssh directly on the phone but in the real with putty and even a winscp I use it very often, but both them requires the use of the keyboard  doesn't appear in the my pc list of icons openmoko can be loaded with those services and servers itself, they only have to be ported but for sure, it will load more the neo than has only one ssh server (very busy but only one server) and and virtual net services bridge machine in the pc that can use the virtual usb port driver the  virtual  machine provide and mount an internal network in itself or use the network created in the windows machine whit this[2] and liberate the neo from this translating ssh to whatever windows understand task

I can do some testing on virtualize an OS in and relative older low processor machine, the Atheros one (an celeron 1.1 Hz laptop can be used too for a windows instalation (sigh) but only after exams in july , but any one with more experience or has another virtualization architecture help will be appreciated as all commentaries against or agree are welcome

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On Fri, May 30, 2008 10:09 am, Andy Green wrote:

> ~ But not mass storage: this operates in block mode and requires complete
> ownership of the storage by the host then (since if we have it mounted
> too, we will write conflicting things to directory structures, etc).

Could we emulate a block device, so that Windows thinks it has sole
ownership of a USB block device with a FAT32 FS on it, but for every block
access call it makes we intercept the call, figure out what file windows
is trying to read or write to, make the corresponding change to our local
files (on and ext3 volume), and return emulated results back to windows.

I dare say windows would get confused if I file it had cached got changed
by Linux, but the user could probably put up with that.

David Pottage

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