2.5mm or 3.5mm

Robert Horton openmoko at roberthorton.net
Sat May 31 00:15:20 CEST 2008

A. you have to have a mic. If it were a walkman then the 3.5 makes sense but
this is a phone+.

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Hi community!
A short poll: on a future GTA0x (>2), would you prefer to have
A) "standard" 2.5mm headset (mic+phones) connector, where you have to buy a
cheap adapter if you want to use your "old" headphones, (the way like it's
for GTA01/02) or
B) classic 3.5mm headphones "Walkman(R)" connector, where you have to DIY an
adapter for any standard cellphone headset? (or does anybody know of 3.5mm
headSET standards or adapters?) 

please hurry to vote, we have to make a decision. Thanks


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