2.5 or 3.5mm?

Ajit Natarajan ajitk at email.com
Sat May 31 04:19:18 CEST 2008


I am new to the world of cell phones, so please bear with me.
And, I am not trying to start a flame.

I have a corded phone and a cordless phone.  I purchased a wired
headset from a local store that fits both of them.  It has one 2.5mm

My laptop and desktop PCs feature two 3.5mm sockets.  I purchased
a wired headset from the same store that has two 3.5mm plugs, one
for the microphone and one for the earpiece.

>From the discussion, it appears that neither one will work on
the GTA03.  I would need to purchase an adapter or a harder to find
single 3.5mm plug headset.

I thought that the GTA03 was first and foremost a phone, then a music
player or other device.  So, in my opinion, it should be optimized
for a phone.

I would prefer not to use bluetooth because I want to avoid any
kind of radiation near the head.  And, others have mentioned that
the quality and interoperability of bluetooth headsets are poor.

Please optimize for easily available accessories.  Do not assume
that everyone is adept at using a soldering iron.



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