Status update from optimization team

John Lee john_lee at
Sat Nov 1 00:59:28 CET 2008

Dear community,

On the organization chart we were called 'optimization' team so I put
this in the subject, even though my ideal name would be something like
'Keroro' [1].

Olv and Erin provided an experimental fastboot images for the
interested to try:

Jeremy reported his status:

Julian is still struggling with oprofile, python, etc. etc. along with
distro tasks.  With nobody offically assigned to distro team this
seems never end.

Check out tick's work to the touch screen:
It's commited as abe8f448547d1bd69ac2963e07e2657f27b79691
and should be available in testing repo after next autobuild.

The illume issue (#2082) is partially solved now.  It requires quite
some black magic in the theme and config files to make the icons show
up again.  Thanks for raster's help on this.  read more about this in:

After seeing these cute icons, we found out only qtopia and sudoku
work as usual.  Other applications such as installer, locations are
fully dead (#2098, #2099), while settings is half dead (#2097).
Tick fixed 2098 and 2099 in openmoko.git commit

This efl update from upstream really scared us, so the current
plan is to stop following efl svn until another efl snapshot/release.

The alsa state file is a real trouble.  Since the audio quality
actually differs on different versions of FR, it's hard to create one
state file that suits all.  We will keep working on it.



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