[Qtextended] [X-post] The ugly part

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 08:59:12 CET 2008

Well, I spoke too soon.  There was some gsm buzzing even I could hear on a
call, so I switched on the speaker.  Result: LOUD feedback.  So I inserted
the headphones while the call was on (after apologizing to the other party).
Result: LOUD feedback from the earphones.

I removed the earphones, reverted to the handset, but the other party was
not at all audible.  So I disconnected, and dialed again, only to realize
after some attempts that gsm had stopped working.  The only workable remedy
was to reboot the phone.

I repeat that I have used the binary update for 4.4.2, which means my
original .state files (as fiddled with countless times) must be intact, and
the 'official' .state files may have a better overall results.  However, I
also noticed something else: when I pick up an incoming call on the handset,
first there is an audible squeak like feedback for half a second.

I really wonder what is happening here.  I might have to unwillingly
downgrade the FR with Qtextended from 'almost a daily phone' to 'not at all
a daily phone' if this persists.

Oh, by the way, my interest is in seeing that the FR becomes a daily phone
for *everyone*, except for those who stubbornly refuse to admit it was ever
meant to be one.
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