Auto-reject incoming phone calls

Joel Newkirk freerunner at
Sat Nov 1 19:57:22 CET 2008

On Sat, 1 Nov 2008 19:21:42 +0100, "Michael 'Mickey' Lauer"
<mickey at> wrote:
> Am Wednesday 29 October 2008 03:13:25 schrieb Previdi Roberto:
>> Is there a plan to access also the accelerometers through dbus?
> Yes, and no. frameworkd wants to integrate Paul V. Borza's excellent
> gesturesd
> to serve accellerometer gestures over dbus -- that's on our task list,
> however we didn't have a chance to start with that yet, since there are
> other, more pressuring things. We don't want to add an API that simply
> covers
> the sysfs files, since this would not add value and consume lots of
> --
> :M:

Any plans on exposing 'orientation', with a change signal?  Six basic
orientations, possibly a flag to note if the orientation appears to be
changing 'now' (IE rotation seems to be taking place but not yet reached
threshold to consider a new orientation), another for 'in motion' (IE, if
sum of vectors is ~1g then figure orientation, if sum is <>g by at least
10% or some such factor then consider it 'in motion' and do NOT consider
orientation changed), and a signal emitted to subscribers when the
orientation has clearly changed.  

something like:

trigger: orientationchange()
filters: HasAttr(orientation,"facedown")

could be used to set 'donotdisturb', then filter Not(HasAttr....) to
restore.  For my personal use, I'd set it up to always lock the touchscreen
if vertically inverted.  (when not in use, my FR is in my pocket, %100 of
the time it's inverted, and I'm tired of finding launched apps, zhone
trying to dial, zhone GPS open, etc)


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