Freerunner GA02, 8GB SD for sale Boston area

Craig B. Allen cba at
Sat Nov 1 21:22:21 CET 2008

I am reluctantly selling my GA02 because I have realized that a
smartphone displays text that is too small for me (too vain to wear
glasses fulltime, will buy a netbook instead).

Phone is in excellent condition and includes all original goodies that
came with Group Sales phone:
 - stereo headset
 - 512 MB SanDisk micro SD
 - pouch
 - stylus/pen/flashlight/laser pointer
 - USB cable
 - 120/240 V charger with international plug adapters
 - classy box with Taoist verse

In addition, I will include 8GB SanDisk micro SDHC.

I will flash with any available distribution or original 200807
factory distro, your choice.

Everything looks and works like new.  Will ship anywhere in USA free.

Asking $350.00, will accept check, money order, or Paypal.

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