Auto-reject incoming phone calls

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Sun Nov 2 03:43:48 CET 2008

> something like:

> trigger: orientationchange()
> filters: HasAttr(orientation,"facedown")

> could be used to set 'donotdisturb', then filter Not(HasAttr....) to
> restore.  For my personal use, I'd set it up to always lock the touchscreen
> if vertically inverted.  (when not in use, my FR is in my pocket, %100 of
> the time it's inverted, and I'm tired of finding launched apps, zhone
> trying to dial, zhone GPS open, etc)

That would indeed be good.  It could also be used to make a trivial
`accel-rotate' (tho after having tried it, I don't think I'd like this
feature, personally).


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