DOOM For Neo Freerunner / 1973

SCarlson scottrcarlson at
Mon Nov 3 00:35:40 CET 2008

>accelerators do work for me easily, but the tapping buttons not. i have
>really hard time selecting a game from the menu :( am i missing
>something? it goes up/down erratically somewhere around the
l>eft-center, but how do i confirm-enter?
>Petr Vaněk

Petr -- I'm glad to hear the accel portion works well.  

As Far as Touchscreen is concerned. There is still a little "bounce" going
on and i should have made the menu enter key a little bigger. 

Basically I need to draw a diagram, (I will tonight) but for now. 

During Game and Menu mode you have the upper right corner, that is
equivalent to 'esc' key on the original game, (It will toggle menu/game

Menu Mode: 
                 Menu Enter is the Center of the screen.
                 Up is a longer the upper center border.
                 Down is lower center border
                 Left - Left border
                 Rt - Right border 

Game Mode:
                Shoot -- Bottom Left Corner
                Open Door -- Upper Right Corner
                Change Weapon -- Between Shooting/Opening
                Upper Border -- Run Toggle (Only needed for
Non-Accelerometer config)
                The rest of the screen is open slate for Finger-Tipping (If
thats activated) or swipe strafing. (Although you can hold down the AUX
button and tip for strafing as well)

I hope this helps, I will get some decent sketches posted. I am wide open to
any suggestions for improvements.

Have Fun!
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