DOOM For Neo Freerunner / 1973

David Samblas david at
Mon Nov 3 00:45:50 CET 2008

El dom, 02-11-2008 a las 01:13 -0700, SCarlson escribió:
>  Good evening everyone. I'd like to introduce the DOOM port I've been
> working on. Here's the
> 20Port
> wiki , where you will find some documentation and videos. Here is the 
> ipkg
> file.
> I've implemented a full touch screen only interface for you Neo 1973
> guys
> out there! Please see Finger-Tippng on wiki. (There is also a video
> demo).
> And of course I can't forget the rest of us who have a sense of
> gravity!
> (Yes, you can strafe).
> Drop me a line if you want to get a multi-player game fired up. I'd
> like to
> test the network play over wifi.
> Enjoy!
> -Scott R Carlson
Really really good job :) 
I ashamed but I always was a cheater in this game, How I do activate
Inmunity mode, Infinite ammo etc etc? 
Sorry this was the only way I survive more than 10 seconds shooter
games ;)

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