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Guillaume Chereau charlie at
Mon Nov 3 12:47:02 CET 2008

> > > On Tue, 2008-10-28 at 14:51 +0100, Benedikt Bär wrote:
> Hmm... Indeed a problem. Maybe there could be a function to
> activate/deactivate the given rule, and have it parsed if activated.
> Is the rules manager that flexible yet? Maybe you can point me in the
> right direction there and I could come up with a patch for that :)
> Let me know your thoughts.
I think we need to rethink the policy of the profile / rule interaction.

Maybe a rule should have a special attribute that specify the profiles
that activate it, or just rely on the rule filter for that and we don't
use the rules configuration file at all.

An other way : we could make the rule actual DBus object, with a DBus
So the preferences can still refer to the rules by there name, and a
client that create a new rule can refer to it by its DBus path.


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