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Mon Nov 3 15:12:44 CET 2008

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Hi all,

FSO and EFL are ready for deployment, tichy is waiting for plugins and
Openmoko is steady on course.
So now it is time to take the next step.

Meet paroli. It will combine the technologies mentioned above in order
to provide a unique user experience on smartphones. The first priorities
for paroli will be the dialer, contacts, sms as well as the call history
functions. Later on we will start adding other nifty features and expand

Due to the flexibility of all the technologies used we will be able to
build paroli as a collection of plugins and modules allowing every user
to use exactly the interface she/he wants. Splitting functionality from
design also allows us to skin paroli heavily without the need to rewrite
the applications code, so not only will the user get the exactly the
functions wanted but also styled in a way that feels most comfortable.

Up to now I have been working my way through the efl, python, the fso
and how all those tie into one another. I had to discover that writing
paroli as a stand-alone application is very resource demanding we will
change the focus now and implement paroli as a tichy plug-in to make use
of the build-in python scheduler. The current source code in the svn
will be moved to a "old" or "pre-tichy" folder as soon as its
replacement is available.

Very briefly about myself:
My name is Mirko, I am 23, originally from Berlin and now live in
Gothenburg, Sweden. My technical background is mainly web-development
and design implementation, however I also have scripting experiences in
perl, php and python as well as XML/XSL.

I am very excited about Openmoko, the idea and the possibilities this
presents. Although there are still some problems in the software I think
the time is right for paroli as the tools needed such as the fso, the
efl and tichy have reached a stage where they can be applied easily,
provide all the functionality needed and are a reliable partner in
creating new applications.

Paroli is meant to be a community project and as such needs your
support, codewise as well as your ideas and input on various subjects.

I hope we can make paroli into more than an application and create a
space where we can meet, discuss and develop together. So no matter if
you are a code, a designer or simply an interested user that could help
test the application, log on to: and
join the team.

I hope you see this for what it is, an open invitation to explore,
comment and help to make paroli a success.

More info and the source can be found on paroli's website and svn at:

A last note, if you want to commit yourself to paroli development and
join the developers-team contact me for svn-commit rights.

Looking forward to being creative with you,

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