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Mon Nov 3 15:56:18 CET 2008

Mirko Lindner wrote:
> Hi all,
> FSO and EFL are ready for deployment, tichy is waiting for plugins and
> Openmoko is steady on course.
> So now it is time to take the next step.

Nice to read this, finally! :)

> Meet paroli. It will combine the technologies mentioned above in order
> to provide a unique user experience on smartphones. The first priorities
> for paroli will be the dialer, contacts, sms as well as the call history
> functions. Later on we will start adding other nifty features and expand
> project.

My main question is how to manage the PIM. Will you wait for the FSO PIM
implementation or is there any other way to manage contacts and SMSs
(first of all) without using the SIM?

Due to my old SIM card (small space), I never use it for saving
informations, so I need a good stack to save my contacts (using more as
more informations per person as I can provide) and messages. Qtopia imho
provides a good way to manage the contacts (from an user point of view),
Is it planned something of similar?

> Up to now I have been working my way through the efl, python, the fso
> and how all those tie into one another. I had to discover that writing
> paroli as a stand-alone application is very resource demanding we will
> change the focus now and implement paroli as a tichy plug-in to make use
> of the build-in python scheduler. The current source code in the svn
> will be moved to a "old" or "pre-tichy" folder as soon as its
> replacement is available.

However, how will you merge tichy and paroli? I mean, I find tichy a
nice project, but I don't like it to be used as a laucher, since we've
already illume for it and ihmo it does a fantastic job.

> Paroli is meant to be a community project and as such needs your
> support, codewise as well as your ideas and input on various subjects.

I already tried to run it on my device some weeks ago, but it never ran
here :|


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