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Mon Nov 3 16:24:44 CET 2008

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 3:12 PM, Mirko Lindner <mirko at> wrote:

> More info and the source can be found on paroli's website and svn at:
> A last note, if you want to commit yourself to paroli development and
> join the developers-team contact me for svn-commit rights.

Just so you know, SHR already chose this path, and we successfully
built our dialer based on EFL (and currently moving to elementary),
using frameworkd, and libframeworkd-glib which is used as a tool
allowing the developer to forget about dbus management.

Currently, there's only one UI lib, though anyone can implement a new
one quite easily (in C, or whatever exposing C method hooks, a GTK one
based on the old 2007.2 UI is a work in progress).

Libraries - hence UIs - associated to this or that widget, dialer,
messages, etc, are already configurable through, well, a configuration
file :-).

You can find (a short) documentation about that on our trac wiki :

Maybe we should join forces ? :-)

Julien Cassignol

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